Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday – Things to do for Your Dog’s Special Day

Your dog is constantly by your side and giving you that unconditional love and affection that we love dogs for. Just like humans, dogs have a day of birth. However, unlike humans they don’t actually know it’s their birthday. So here at The Pet Embassy, we think it would be amazing if you threw your dog a birthday party or treated them to something special, to help them recognise it’s their day. Also, just giving them the extra love and attention is just a small something in return for helping you in your times of need.

A dog birthday can be a daunting experince, especially if it’s your first time. The questions such as “What do I get my dog for their birthday” or “How can I spoil my dog on their birthday” may be ringing around your mind but don’t worry because, here, at The Pet Embassy we have compiled our “Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday – Things to do for Your Dog’s Special Day”.

The Pet Embassy’s “Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday – Things to do for Your Dogs Special Day”

Invite Their Friends

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
Two dogs just hanging out on a dirt track. Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

What is a dog party without all their best friends? Just like you, dogs would also like to spend their birthday running around with their friends creating memories. As you know dogs can play for hours on end if you let them.

Its important to note that you must make sure all your dogs friends parents are okay with their dogs running around the yard. Make sure you leave out lost of water and tasty treats, as well as some dog games that your dogs can play together. There is nothing quite like playing your favorite game with your friends right?

If you have never had a lot of dog friends over to your house before it is important that you start small. Even the best of dog friends can get freaked out for a little while and this may cause a little commotion. Once you are more comfortable then next time you may want to invite a few more dog friends. You should remember to keep an eye on things and that your dogs are supervised the whole time.

Play Games

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
A black and white dog having a great time playing with a deflated soccer ball. Photo by Dids from Pexels

Now, we know we said above to play games with dog friends but games with just you and your dog are just as fun too. Dog games are a great way of stimulating your dogs brain (and yours too!) and they are also basic training techniques disguised in a fun manner which means your dog will love it just as much as you do. Hide-and-seek and fetch are a fan favorite, we have complied our list of best games on our other post (How to Train Your Dog to Play So You Can Have Hours Of Fun) so be sure to check that out!

Dog Ice Cream

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
A lovely dog enjoying a dog ice cream. Photo by Mikkel Bendix from Pexels

It’s no secret that most dogs love ice cream, just a quick search on YouTube will confirm that suspicion. However, human ice cream is not the greatest for your dogs digestive system. Fear not, it’s easy to prepare your own dog approved ice cream in your kitchen, with items that you probably will already have. Some plain yogurt combined with bananas that are blended. Freeze it and your are good to go! If you don’t have these items or you simply don’t have the time, your local pet store might have something in stock.

Choose a Great Present

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
Look at the size of that gift. Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

We all know our dogs are spoilt, however, their birthday means they should be especially spoilt. Each dog has their own favorite toy so look for something in the local pet store that resembles that toy in a way or an upgrade to that toy and its a sure fire thing your dog will love it.

The good thing about a toy is that your dog will be able to play with it for a long time, not just on their birthday.

Or an even better idea for your dog’s birthday, let your dog pick their gift! If you are allowed, you should think about taking your dog to your local pet store and letting them have a browse of the toys on offer and picking the one in which they like the most.

Party Wear (Hats are a must, obviously!)

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
Two Shibas living the good life with their party hats. Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Who doesn’t love a dog in cute little clothes? There is nothing quite like your dog in a little hat, how cute! Think about having a party theme where a birthday hat or bandana is essential. There are many places online such as Amazon that sell hats like this.

If you are feeling creative and have the supplies at home, then you should consider making your own little hat for your dog. Heck, why not make one for your dog and make yourself a matching one! Who is ready for that selfie?!


Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
Let’s get this party started! Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Following up on the party theme idea is decorations. If you’re going to go through all the trouble of either ordering hats or making them, you might as well through in extra dog decorations around the house. There is nothing quite like a picture of your dog in a hat with a matching balloon or cake in the background. Here at the Pet Embassy we say this is “Instagram ready” as we now most of you have an instagram for your pooch (we are not judging, they are our favorite type of instagram). If you do take some pics on your dogs special day, please tag us and we could share them on our next blog (all credit to you of course).

If you want to go one step further, why not get a photo booth! There are many dog friendly photo booths around and getting some cool pictures of you and your dog and their friends in the photo booth just seems like such an awesome idea for your dog’s birthday.

Explore a New Trail With Your Dog

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
What a great adventure! Photo by Jayden Burdick from Pexels

Does your dog love their daily walk a little bit too much? An easy way to give your dog a great present is to let them explore a new trail that they’ve never been on before. It may be in the same park but a different route or a completely different park. Either way, your dog will love you for it as they experience new things and all of those new smells!

This is both a fun way and a healthy way to spend your dog’s birthday, the extra energy spent as well as the mental stimulation will leave your dog feeling really good on their birthday.

Make Your Dog a Cake

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
Two dogs sharing a (toy) cake. Photo by Jayden Burdick from Pexels

This is going to surprise you but a lot of dog friendly cakes are also…. human friendly! Now we are not advising you to sit on the floor and eat a cake with your best friend, but we will not judge you if you do (although we think that is 100% you should spend the day with your dog). If you are going to bake then you should note it is normal ingredients such as whole-wheat flour, eggs and baking soda that make the basis of the cake.

Go to a Dog Fun Park

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
Two small dogs running in the dog park.Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel from Pexels

Dog parks are literally all around the world now and there is never one too far away. They really are great for dog parents as they are a place for both your and your dog to socialise and have some fun, which is why, taking your dog to a fun park is a great thing to do on your dogs birthday.

For your dogs birthday, you should consider taking them to a new dog park so they can meet new dog friends or to one that you have been to in the past but haven’t been for a while. It’s important to keep it new and fresh as it’s a treat for your dog. If you go to the same dog park every weekend they would be as stimulated as what they would be with a new dog park.

Take Your Dog Camping

Top 10 Ideas for Your Dogs Birthday - Things to do for Your Dog's Special Day
A dog enjoying a rest in the tent on their camping trip. Photo by S Migaj from Pexels

It’s quite well known that many dog breeds loving camping. Why? It goes way back to their origins. The new smells combined with being in the wild is enough to keep your dog occupied for days on end. To top that off, your dog also gets to go with their human pack and spend great quality time with them means one very happy dog. These are just a few reasons as to why camping is one of the best things to do for your dog birthday.

We would recommend letting your dog get totally dirty and just letting them dog. Let them roll around in the grass and run in the mud. Sometimes just letting go is enough for your dog to have the best time ever. We promise you won’t regret it and they will never forget it!

As we mentioned before, the whole point of this is to show your dog that you are celebrating their birthday and how much your dog means to you. Whilst not all of these suggestions on this list may be for your dog, we would recommend picking the ones you think your dog would be most suited to and would enjoy the most.

We mentioned party hats and clothing, some dogs will hate this and it will ruin their day, so if your dog doesn’t like this then think about something else on the list. It’s important to watch your dog’s body language to see if they are uncomfortable with any activity or accessory.

If you found our “Top 10 Ideas for Your Dog’s Birthday – Things to do for Your Dog’s Special Day” helpful please let us know in the comments section, we would love to hear your stories.

Also, if you did something not on this list for your dogs birthday then please share it with us in the comment section below so we can help inform other dog parents of the fun activities they can do!

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